Before You Start

What’s needed to become a helicopter pilot?

There are no specific academic qualifications required prior to commencing training. There are however a number of things that you will need, to complete your training.

  1. Decide what type of licence you wish to get
  2. Work ethic: Becoming a helicopter pilot requires a lot of work and dedication
  3. Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  4. Aviation Security Identity Card (ASIC)
  5. Medical examination
  6. Theory
  7. Flight training
  8. Flight test
  9. Finding your first job

Licence Types

In Australia there are four basic Pilots Licences. The Recreational Licence (RPL) is an entry level licence aimed at giving students a basic knowledge of their aircraft and airmanship. The Private Pilots Licence (PPL) aims to increase a pilot's knowledge and skill in the operation of their aircraft and introduce the rigors of cross-country flight. Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) introduces a pilot to the knowledge and skills needed for a professional career in aviation ..... 


Advanced Training

Commercial offers a number of advanced endorsements; including aircraft and operational ratings and endorsements.

These include:

  • Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR)
  • Helicopter Type Endorsements
  • Low-Level Rating – Helicopter
  • Aerial Application Rating – Firefighting Endorsement
  • Gas Turbine Endorsement
  • Mustering Endorsement
  • Helicopter Flight Reviews/Proficiency Checks
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