Key Personnel at Commercial Helicopters

Lachie Onslow

Manager Director Commercial Helicopters

Lachie is one of those figures everyone in the aviation community knows.

He began flying at the age of 18 over 25 years ago. Initially a fixed wing pilot he got his first commercial pilots job in WA and shortly after moved into helicopters.

Ever since Lachie has been the rare breed of pilot; as at home in a fixed wing aircraft as in a helicopter.

He is currently the Managing Director of both Fleet Helicopters and Commercial Helicopters, serving as a line pilot whenever called upon. 

In his spare time,Lachie has competed for over a decade as an international race plot, in the Jet class of the Reno Air races.




Mike Watson

CEO Commercial Helicopters

Mike has been flying for over 20 years. Initially Mike trained as a fixed wing pilot in the Central Otago  region of New Zealand, before moving to helicopters after moving to Australia. Mike began his commercial flying career as a line pilot at fleet helicopters 15 years ago and in 2010 was named as it's CEO. Mike has since achieved an instructor rating and regularly mentors new pilots as they begin their new careers. 







Joel Stewart

General Manager

Joel began creating and running businesses from an early age including a Plumbing business after doing a trade. It was natural that this would eventually lead to managing aviation businesses as Joel has had a passion for helicopters since childhood.

In the early 2000’s he completed a CPL(H) in one of the most challenging Australian airports, Bankstown, and started building experience as a line pilot. Joel’s flying career has taking him all over Australia, flying for multiple well-known helicopter companies in the sectors of charter, utility work and instructing/testing.

After managing a number of helicopter companies, it was a natural fit that he took the helm of Commercial Helicopters. A company Joel has flown with for nearly a decade.





Michael Brown

Operations Manager

 Michael's experience as a farmer has been invaluable to the business at Commercial. After being exposed to the aviation Michael has developed a love of flying; currently he holds a recreational licence.

Currently as Operations Manager he is responsible for organising jobs, including the crewing of aircraft and liaising with clients.







Sean Doherty

Chief Pilot

Sean trained in the very demanding airspace around Sydney in the year 2000. Like many pilots training in the city he was forced to travel the Western Australia for his first job. There he ferried people and supplies between the Abrolhos Islands and the mainland. After a stint in Queensland doing general air-work Sean found himself on a dream assignment in Antarctica slinging supplies from the research vessel where he was stationed to Mawson Station.

After his return to Australia 10 years ago, Sean joined Commercial Helicopters as a line pilot, going on to become Chief Pilot 4 years ago.


Sam Nichols

Ag Specialist

Sam is another of Commercial's pilots who began his working life as a tradesman; building residential properties. Eventually Sam saw the light and is now a veteran of over 11 years of flying with various rural and regional helicopter companies.

Sam's flying career began doing inspections of Australia's millions of kilometers of power lines; a role he carried out for 3 years. Soon after he joined Commercial as a line pilot, later specialising agricultural applications such as spraying and mustering.